Started Training For First Marathon Last Week

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get in better shape. I wanted to really take care of my body. I figured while getting in shape, I should have something to train for and last week I started training for first marathon ever.

Training for a marathon I think is a great way to step my fitness level up a notch. I already exercise, but I wanted to make it a point to do it a little more. This has been a great type of exercise to incorporate with what I already do. I am achieving two goals at once by training more and running my first marathon.

I looked for some training methods so I could get prepared and get on a training schedule. I found a few different apps I could use on my phone. Since it’s cold outside now, I have been using my treadmill and I tried out the different apps before deciding which one I wanted to use. I thought they were both pretty good but I liked the way the one looked and kept track of your progress. It counts down the time and shows you how long you have left before you start running again. I really love using this app and it is pushing me to work a little harder.

I am excited to be training for first marathon. It may be the only one I do, but at least I will gain something from all the hard work I am putting in with training. It is already making me feel better about myself and I have been looking around at other marathons that are after the first one in case I decide that I want to participate in those marathons. I can’t wait til I run in one.